WODN's 2019 Annual ScholaRship Winners

                                                                              Aiyana Holland

                                                                             Andrea Amaker

                                                                             Ayana Scriven

                                                                             Breana Lisenby

                                                                             Kaitlyn Hunt

                                                                             KaNya McCree

                                                                             Keona Dopson

                                                                             Madeline Worsham


WODN's Annual Scholarship Previous Winners


2018 Winners

  • Skylar Brown -  Winthrop College, Special Education 
  • Ariel Davis - Valdosta State University, Communications 
  • Destiny Gadson - Coastal Carolina University, Biology Pre-Med 
  • Sarisha Menon - University of South Carolina, Biology
  • Kari Pentacost - Clemson University,  Mechanical Engineering
  • Nikole Rivers - Columbia College, Speech Pathology
  • Erica Scriven - Clafflin University, English Literature
  • Mya Singleton - NC A&T State University, Journalism 
  • Sara Sisney - Winthrop University, Physical Therapy
  • Lynda Knox - Southern Wesleyan University, Business 

2017 Winners

  • Tajah Pinkard-  Spellman College, Psychology
  • Jordan Daniels - University of South Carolina, Chemical Engineering
  • Brandezia Hutchinson - University of South Carolina University, CriminologyPre-Med 
  • Mikenzi Glover - University of South Carolina, Biology
  • Tiaunte Bethea - Shaw University,  Nursing
  • Kiyana Brice - Clemson University, Electrical Engineering 
  • Jakayla Taylor - College of Charleston, Biology
  • Margaret Huggins - Clemson University, Elementary Education
  • Nicole Kovac - University of South Carolina, Education

2016 Winners

  • Alyxandria Farkas-  Clemson University, Packing Science
  • Frarazia Johnson - Claflin University, Music Education
  • Chineye Agim - University of South Carolina University, Chemistry
  • Grace Quattlebaum - University of South Carolina, Marketing
  • Emily Lanter - Mercer University,  Music Education
  • Tiara Banks - Claflin University, Childhood Education 
  • NIa Livingson - University of South Carolina, International Business 
  • Jaylaan Bennett - University of North Carolina, Nursing 
  • Leslie Jackson - Francis Marion University, Biology

2015 Winners

  • Jenelle Francis-  Furman University, Psychology
  • Meghan Andrews - Clemson University, Health Science PT
  • Eboni Georges - Coastal Carlina University, Biology  
  • Caroline Hitchner - Clemson, Veterinary Science
  • Jassmyn McQuillen- Clemson University,  Mechanical Engineering

2014 Winners

  • LaDetra Jackson-  Limestone College, Social Work
  • Ty'ren Parker - Claflin University, Speech Pathology
  • Ty'arra Canty -Francis Marion University, Mass Communications 

2013 Winners

  • Tiffany Farr- Florida State University, Library Science  
  • Olivia Riley-South Carolina State  University, Social Work

WODN's 2019 Scholarship Criteria



1. DEADLINE for scholarship applications is February 9, 2019. (No exceptions) 

2.  WODN will notify all winners by phone on or before February 23, 2019. You can also check the award status and winners on our website at www.wodn.org. 

3. If you have any questions about the application process, please email WODN at wodnsc@gmail.com

Purpose: Our mission is to “provide positive mentorship to young females as they transition into adulthood, motivate women, and enhance the lives of victims that are in need within our community.” We believe that promoting higher education is an integral part in what we believe and would like to provide assistance to young females and women to help make their educational journey possible.

Award Components: Women of Distinction Network will provide approximately ten recipients with a brand new laptop computer to reward students who have made a positive change in their lives or is a survivor of HUSH Topics: domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sex trafficking. 

Award Criteria: 

1. Applicant must attend a technical college or four year institution. 

2. Applicant must be a senior level high school student or already attending a technical college or four year institution. 

3. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident with a permanent resident ID card in South Carolina. 

4. Applicant must be present for the organization's Scholarship Banquet to receive award on March 16, 2019.

5. Applicant must be willing to take a picture to upload on the organization's website (Your picture will only be displayed for scholarship award purposes. WODN will not use your picture in any other capacity) 

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